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This series contains images of men. Below is a list of the items in this folder along with their dates.

Young man in military uniform, No Date
Middle aged man in military uniform, No Date
Middle aged man with long beard, No Date
Youth with checkered bow-tie, No Date
Young man with mustache, 1849
Middle aged man with mustache, No Date
Older gentelman with a large beard, faces left (Brand Studio), No Date
Young man with 3 piece suit, No Date
James Fugar (sp), No Date
Young man in wool over coat, No Date
Middle aged man in wool over coat with mustasche and mutton chops, No Date
Middle aged man in a suit coat with a mustache, No Date
Older man with large beard and loose bow-tie, No Date


Family Portraits

This series contains photographs of family taking portraits. These images also have the possibility to be general large groups of peoples talking an individual image. Below is a list of the items in this folder along with their dates.

Fritz Bahr Family, No Date
Family on steps of an A-frame home, No Date
Large group of people in front of home, No Date
Shields family, No Date
Mayor Daniel Cobb and family, No Date
Older gentleman and woman with younger woman and toddler, No Date
6 women all in the same black outfit, No Date
William griffin, Mary J. Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. William Griffin, No Date
3 women in white with flowers and 3 men in dark suits (tintype in daguerreotype case), ca. 1857
Husband and wife with 3 daughters and 1 son, No Date
2 young women in white, No Date
Husband and wife with 2 daughters and 1 son, No Date
Wedding photograph with man and wife, No Date
Elderly gentleman with 2 younger women, No Date
Elderly gentleman with younger women and toddler, No Date


City Clerk

This series contains information on the Highland Park City Clerk.

East Deerfield

This series contains items relating to East Deerfield, renamed Moraine Township in 1998.

Moraine Township

Bertha Baker Collection

  • US IlHpHS Bert.bak
  • Series
  • 1874 - 1896

The first scrapbook titled "Autographs" was a gift from her parents given at the age of 15. It contains personal notes and drawings sent to Bertha, including one from her future husband Frank Green. The second scrapbook is a mixture of Bertha's poetry as well as reviews of her recitations.

Green, Bertha Baker


This series contains a single item containing information on the 4th Ward's Census.


This series contains images of various people from in and around Highland Park. Below is a list of items contained in this series with their respective dates and accompanying secondary numbers.

3 men with sheet music, No Date, 1.4.1
2 men with cow, No Date, 1.5.1
Women in Phaeton, No Date, 1.6.1
Women in Phaeton, second image, No Date, 1.6.2
10 women sitting in a park, No Date, 2.1.1
Woman posing with trees on bank of a river, No Date, 2.1.2
Baby in buggy, No Date, 2.4.1
Man in woods by lake front, No Date, 2.5.1
Horse and buggy with driver in a stream, No Date, 2.7.2
Man on a horse in front of a home (sevier chip in bottom right corner), No Date, 2.8.1
3 children sitting in grass by a fence and tree line, No Date, 2.10.1
Men standing along a fence with 1 mounted (over exposed), No Date, 2.12.1
Moses family, No Date, 2.14.1
Stallion Col. Okane owned by Dyer Bros., 8-15-1885, 2.15.1
Men on downed tree in flooded area, No Date, 2.16.1
Seated elderly couple, No Date, 2.18.1
People resting beneath a tree with wagons and horses, No Date, 2.17.1
People beside a 4 teamed wagon, No Date, 2.17.2
Man on horseback in wooded area (negative), No Date, 2.19.1
Characters in Odepseus play given by fourth graders (has accompanying original sleeve), May 1911
Ritter and Hayner Meat Market, No Date
People at an outdoor party sitting and eating, No Date

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