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Gieser Family Collection
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Deerfield Yearbooks

This group contains copies of The Deerfield that were ostensibly owned by the Gieser family. The various books have signatures and other original marks on them. The dates of the included yearbooks are as follows: 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928 (2), and 1930.

Highland Park Historical Society

Fire Chief Medallion

This Fire Chief Medallion belonged to Adolph Gieser. It was awarded to him by the International Association of Fire Engineers during their 39th annual convention between the dates of September 19th-22nd, 1911. The metal casting is a bronze colored, and the attached faded and frayed ribbon is red. This artifact was removed from it’s cotton housing and re-housed inside ph. neutral tissue paper

Photo-Book One

Photo-book one is a faded black/brown photograph book bound by two holes punched through the cover and a braided cord. The pages inside are mostly intact, but are either separated or in the process of separation from their binding. Most pictures are labelled by the original owners and detail the dates and persons of interest in their pictures themselves. Subjects of interests include Bill Gieser, John Claiche, Annie Gieser, Bertha Koller, Bill Christensen, Ruth Rhinesmith, Arthur and Mary Rogers, Mary St. Peter, Mr./Mrs. Baud, Mr./Mrs. Mizen, various unlisted subjects, scenery, house fires, the Gieser house, and others. The provided range of dates are 1913-1921, but probably range up until 1930 due to the age progression of some of the subjects. Tissue paper was placed in between the pages to help delay the deterioration of the pages due to age and the acidity of the paper and adhesives used on the photographs.

Highland Park Historical Society

Photo-Book Three

This photograph book is bound by rivets and is made of leather wrapped paper, which is flaking and fading. Inside are over 30 landscape photographs of scenic properties and flora that were ostensibly taken by Elise’s father. Some of these photographs are of the Bonita Vista estate, and there are no provided dates associated with the photographs. Attached loosely on the inside of the first page there is a small handwritten packet located inside a vanilla colored enveloped that lists some of the properties and gives terse descriptions about the photographs themselves.

Highland Park Historical Society

Photo-Book Two

Photo-book Two is a faded black photograph book bound by rivets that is smaller in size than the previous photograph book. This photograph book belonged to Marion and Elise Weisenber, the latter of which became Elise Gieser through marriage. The stamp on the inside cover states that this book was gifted to the two girls during the summer of 1920, but contains photographs that dates between 1917-1922. Subjects include Elise and Marion Gieser, their mother and father, Aunt Julia, Hilda, a woman by the name of Hester, and various landscape photographs, including many involving the Gardener’s Cottage that they lived in at the Bonita Vista estate.

Photo-set Five [Weisenber, Highland Park]

Photo-set Five is an envelope that contains black and white photographs of the Weisenber family, including Albert, Elise, and Marion Weisenber, in addition to an “Aunty Clara Waite”. These detail various instances in their life, including photographs of Elise at 3 months old, Marion as an infant, and other stages of their growing up. These photographs range from 1910 (Elise’s birth year), to 1938.

Highland Park Historical Society

Photo-set Four [Ravinia School]

Photo-set Four is an envelope that contains four artifacts that detail Marion Gieser attending the Ravinia School from grades 1-4 between the years of 1918-1922. Three are black and white class photographs, while the last is comprised of two class photographs glued to black scrap-booking paper.

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