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Ravinia Garden Club, records
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  • US IlHpHS 2016.2-5.1 Flower Shows, Assorted Pamphlets, Design Rules, Assortment Tips, and Introductory Lessons
  • File
  • circa 1941-1986
  • Part of Ravinia Garden Club, records

90th Anniversary

This folder contains documents, photographs, and logistical information regarding the Ravinia Garden Club’s 90th Anniversary Celebration. In it is an Invitation Pamphlet, a news release, a summary packet that gives an overview of the club’s background, history, and impact on the surrounding communities, a mayoral proclamation honoring the club, a certificate of merit from the National Garden Clubs, Inc., a newspaper article featuring the club’s anniversary, and logistical documents regarding dinner reservations at MLG.


This folder contains various flower show pamphlets and advertisements that commemorate some of the clubs anniversaries between the years of 1977-2007

Application for Award 18A

This folder contains a folder containing multiple documents regarding the Ravinia Garden Club’s application for the Award #18A for renovating the Blue Star Memorial. In this folder are pamphlets from the dedication ceremony, a summary detailing the proposal of the project and its background, the original application form, newspaper articles covering the club receiving the award, and certificate of appreciation from the Officers and Enlisted men from Fort Sheridan, and pictures documenting various stages of the project as it was implemented.

Articles of incorporation

This folder includes within the original articles of incorporation of the Ravinia Garden Club filed with the state of Illinois. The official (re) incorporation of which is dated to be July 11th, 1986. Also included are the Garden Club’s Bylaws, correspondence with another regarding potential projects, IRS correspondence regarding their incorporation as a non-profit organization, their non-profit application paperwork with both the state of Illinois and the Federal Department of the Treasury, and correspondence between the then club president Betty Haude and a lawyer regarding their attempt to become a non-profit tax exempt organization.

Award Ribbons

This folder contains preserved ribbons and physical awards that the Ravinia Garden Club won from participating in flower shows run by other garden clubs and organizations, including project awards. There are over 40 ribbons and awards in this folder, dating from 1927 to 2014. The first laminated page in this folder serves as an index denoting the organization of the ribbons and the various levels and types of awards won.


A list of awards granted to various garden clubs throughout Illinois, as well as potential programs and a letter from the Botanic Garden thanking the Ravinia club for their donation of two rare books regarding Marilyn Alaimo. Included in this folder are awards that do not take the form of ribbons; Award 19, awarded to Marilyn Putz (née Alaimo) for Garden Therapy. Additionally, there is a postcard from Ravinia Garden Club President Marilyn Alaimo thanking them for their contribution to the Botanic Garden’s Collection.


This folder was included in this box, but was empty at the time it was cataloged.

Civic Projects

This folder contains within it various documents regarding the civil projects that the Ravinia Garden Club either assisted or participated in during the years of 1939-2003, with the majority of the public works occurring in the earlier half of the 20th century. These documents include consultations with various Horticulturalists, letters to and from the Chicago Botanic Garden, quotes for supplies, work, and plants, committee, and annual reports on the club’s activities regarding their civic work, as well as surveys, maps, diagrams, outlines, and plans for the aforementioned works. Notable civic works included in this folder are the Ravine Project, the Botanical Collection of Flowering Crab Trees and various renovations in and to Jen Jensen Park, as well as renovations to the Ravinia Business District and the outlying neighborhoods.

Civic Projects, Committee Reports (2006-2007)

This folder contains within it a summary of the Ravinia Garden Club’s civic and Community Beautification Projects from 1928-2007). It also includes a Civic and Community project report from 2007, which details the planting of the Patriot Tree at the Highland Park Police Station, the dedication of the Blue Star Marker at the gate to the Fort Sheridan Cemetery, and the landscaping of the Fort Sheridan Cemetery grounds. . Furthermore, there are the Ravinia Garden Club report from 2006-2007, from 2005-2006, the cost estimates from those reports, and conservation committee report from 1999 and 2000. There is a second folder that goes into further detail about the Patriot Tree project, detailing the dedication service at the Highland Park Cemetery. This folder also contains photographs of the ceremony, and the various members of the Ravinia Garden Club in attendance. This folder also contains the original Historian Files that detail the preliminary contents of the Ravinia Garden Club’s collection.

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