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Tenthouse Theater in the Round.

  • US
  • Corporate body
  • 1949-1965

Founded by Herb Rogers in 1948, The Tenthouse Theater in the Round was a summer drama playhouse. The Tenthouse Theater Company, featuring “all-Equity actors” was located East of Skokie Ave on Park Ave. Touted as the first professional summer theater in Chicago, the Tenthouse’s revolving stage attracted actors such as Joan Fontaine and Basil Rathbone.

The theater became a Highland Park Society center for organizational benefits and other galas. The Highland Park Rotary Club and the Women's Auxiliary of Highland Park Hospital represent two of these groups.

The theater closed after the 1965 season for financial reasons.

Pinkerton, Charlotte

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  • Person
  • 1879-1966

Charlotte (Lottie) Pinkerton Blazer (1879-1966) was born to missionaries in South Africa and spent her earliest years in Wisconsin. As a young woman at the beginning of the 20th century, Pinkerton attended the Art Institute of Chicago and worked as a lantern slide colorist. She worked in California and founded the Santa Cruz Art League after her 1914 marriage to lawyer James Blazer. Pinkerton’s work can also be found at the Autry Museum of the American West, Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and in other collections.

Northwestern Military Academy

  • NWMA
  • Corporate body
  • 1888-1915

"In 1888, when the Northwestern Military Academy opened in Highland Park, locals thought a boys' military academy would cause problems in town. Just the previous year, the U.S. Army post Fort Sheridan had opened on the town's doorstep with fears of drunken brawls (which never were a problem).

The animosity for the academy was reflected in the children's taunts as they called the new cadets "Dead Cats."

The academy was founded by Harlan Page Davidson (1838-1913), a graduate of Norwich University, a military college in Vermont. Harlan purchased Highland Hall in Highland Park and renovated it for his academy in which he strove to provide a good education, military discipline and structure, and moral training. The cost to attend was $400 in 1888, and by 1908 had risen to $600 with enrollment averaging about 50 cadets per year.

The first Northwestern Military Academy building was built as the Highland Park House hotel in 1873 at St. Johns Avenue and Ravine Drive. In 1876, it began to be used as an educational institution for young women during the summer and was known as Highland Hall. Harlan P. Davidson purchased the building in May 1888 for his military academy.

When the academy was destroyed by fire only a few months after opening, on November 1, 1888, the people of Highland Park set aside any misgivings and made meals for the cadets and opened up their homes to the displaced boys. Rebuilding of the academy progressed rapidly and not one day of classes was missed.

The academy's second building was designed by William W. Boyington and completed in 1889. It was made of brick and able to accommodate 75 cadets.

By the 1890s, the academy's reputation had made it possible for many cadets to be offered direct admission to colleges and universities.

By 1908, the academy offered naval encampments in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and in 1911 officially became a military and naval academy. After another fire in the academy's main building in 1915, the school moved permanently to Lake Geneva.

In 1996, the academy merged with St. John's Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin, and together are known as St. John's Northwestern Military Academy."

-This summary was provided by the Lake County Discovery Museum. For further information and images that accompany this summery, please see the link below.

Arenberg, Henry X

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  • Person
  • March 1, 1929- November 6, 2011

Henry X. Arenberg was an engaged member of the Highland Park, Illinois community. Arenberg was born in Highland Park in 1929. He was involved in many programs and activities though out his life. One of his defining activities was that of photography. He avidly photographed Highland Park, its residents, its events, and its historic landscapes and buildings. He also authored several books documenting Highland Park. One of the founding members of the Highland Park Historical Society, he served as president and board member for many years.
His personal life included his wife Joan, and two daughters, Nancy and Polly.

Highland Park Baseball Club

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The Highland Park Baseball Club, is Highland Park's amateur baseball team. They played against other North Shore Teams and had many home games at Sunset Woods Park. The teams had a manager and a mascot. Mascots in the early years of Highland Park would be a young boy. In the 1930s attention shifted away from adult amateur leagues and began focusing on local youth teams. Today both adult and youth leagues can be found in Highland Park.

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