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United Way of the North Shore.

  • Corporate body
  • 1935-

The United Way of the North Shore, originally named the Community Chest; later, the Highland Park United Way, is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1935. In 1935, twelve members representing the twelve social and welfare agencies which accepted membership in the Chest and thirteen members of the public composed the group. The original objective of the organization was to coordinate the fund-raising activities of the social welfare agencies serving the Highland Park community. As of 2012, the Highland Park United Way is part of the United Way of North Shore.

The Community Chest aimed to reduce the cost of administration of the various philanthropic organizations whilst supervising and inspecting budgets and expenditures of all enterprises receiving support from the Community Chest. It hoped to eliminate repeated solicitation for funds, and add assurance that the money sought will be properly handled. The original agencies representatives in 1935 were: Arden Shore, Mrs. W. Fyffe; Boy Scouts, Albert Snite; Dorcas Home, Mrs. G. B. Chapman; Highland Park Hospital, John W. Newey; Women’s Auxiliary of the Highland Park Hospital, Mrs. Charles Rubens; Girl Scouts, Mrs. Roy. O. Nereim; Highland Park Social Service, Lyle Gourley; Infant Welfare, Mrs. Malcolm Vail; Red Cross, H.F. Kelley; Northwestern Settlement, Mrs. Kenneth Ives; Baby Feeding Clinic, Edith Fyffe; and Y.W.C.A., Mrs. T.L.Osborne. Allan Wolff, William F. Ross, H.E. Kerber, Gilbert Fuller, Cloud Wampler, C.W. Jones, A.T. Sihler, Robert Greenslade, H.F. Aiston, Lawrence Abt, Mrs. E.A. Harrington, E.J. Fucik and H.N. Pfister were the members at large.

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