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Swan, Rosalis Alice Fosbender

  • Family
  • 1912-1999

Grew up on McGovern and Vine Streets in Highland Park, Illinois in early 20th century.

Sheahen Family

  • Family
  • 1859-

The Sheahen family has lived in Highland Park for over 5 generations. The first family member was Patrick Sheahen, an Irish immigrant in 1859. When Patrick arrived in America he made his way to Highland Park and began working as a farm hand for Daniel McAdams. Patrick married Daniel McAdams eldest daughter, Mary Jane, and they had 7 children. These 7 children continued to work and live in Highland Park where there roots anchored them to the building up of Highland Park. Over the years, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been born into the Sheahen family, who also continue to live in the area.

*For more information on the Sheahen family, consult "Highland Park The First Hundred Years"

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